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Are you wondering if obtaining a refurbished iPhone X is a good move? Yes, it is. Get your phone at Reboost, Switzerland, and experience the wonderful features it provides. You can trust our product to perform superbly as it has been assessed and tested by our team of experts.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone X

You will save a lot of money by purchasing a used iPhone X instead of a brand-new one. The gadget has iOS 11, which makes it smarter, more personal, and powerful than ever. It also supports multiple languages, such as English, Swedish, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, German, and more. iPhone X includes a colorful OLED display to allow you to have sharper text for reading and remarkable video playback. Thanks to a facial recognition feature, you can protect your device from unwanted access. Get your iPhone X from Reboost and start enjoying these features immediately. 

Advantages of purchasing a refurbished iPhone X

Acquiring a used iPhone may be scary for some people. Nevertheless, there should be no cause for alarm. The device is meticulously assessed for flaws and damages after which they are fixed. You also get a chance to reap the following benefits:

Sustainable choice

You increase the gadget’s lifespan by reusing it. Consequently, this allows you to directly contribute to the decrease of e-waste that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills.

Value for money

A refurbished iPhone X costs much less than the new model. You can save hundreds of dollars by just choosing the refurbished path.

Similar function to a new one

The used device will look, feel, and work like a brand-new iPhone. This means you can still enjoy mobile gaming, fast internet surfing, facetime, etc. It’s also possible to connect to Airpods, record videos, and do the other things that you would with iPhone apps. 

Where can I buy a refurbished iPhone X?

You can find a refurbished iPhone X that meets your needs at Reboost. Our shop includes a wide range of sleek iPhone X designs that will blow your mind away. Just visit us and we will help you select the ideal phone.

How the refurbishing process works in Reboost

We are committed to providing you with high-quality products that are free of any defects. That’s why we conduct a thorough refurbished process before we list the iPhones in the market. See below what the process entails:

  1. Inspection: We look at and assess both the internal and external parts of the phone to determine whether the phone is in good condition. In case we find any faults, we repair them immediately.
  2. Updates: Next is to upgrade the gadget to the newest software and give it a factory reset.
  3. List and resale: In the last step, we recheck the iPhone to ensure it looks its best and functions properly. We then list it for resale.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone X online from Reboost?

There are many reasons that should drive you to shop for a used iPhone X at Reboost, and some of them include the following:


We are a trusted reseller and have been working in this market for a long time. Our products are genuine and high-quality so you can expect them to work excellently.

Fast and secure

You can get an iPhone X quickly after you order it. Our online site is safe and you don’t have to meet up with strangers to seal the deal.


We are transparent about the pricing of our products. This enables you to know exactly what you’ll get after you order with Reboost.

Ready to shop with us? Check out our listings and buy your refurbished iPhone X now!