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How would you describe your Airpod? Tiny and delicate, right? Yet do you know that breakages are a major cause of non-functioning and malfunctioning AirPods? Reboost Shop cases are strong and durable to protect the small gadget from the scratches, dents, and drops of every day. The cases are made from plant-based materials, giving them a sturdy look and ability against adversity.

Who doesn’t hate unfitting Airpod cases? They will squeeze your AirPod device and break it. Unfortunately, if you purchase the standard cases in the market, that's the experience you get. Reboost Shop is the right place to buy Airpod cases, which are crafted specifically for the device. The cases fit precisely to keep your gadget safe. 

AirPod cases from Reboost Shop are also eco-friendly. They are made of compostable materials to ensure that they don’t destroy the environment after disposal. Yet still, the material is soft and durable. 

There is a lot of convenience with the AirPod cases offered at our Lugano, Switzerland store. They are equipped with a keyring that allows them to clip to your keys, loop, purse, etc. The feature is crucial because the AirPods are small devices that can easily get misplaced or lost.

Reboost Shop offers AirPod cases of all colors to match any occasion. Green, Lavender, Black, Terracotta, Stormy Blue, Teddy Brown, and Sage Green AirPod cases are all available. You can sample the color that matches your personality via our online portal. 

It's never too late to get an AirPod case from Reboost Shop. Our cases are affordable, and some come at a discount. Talk to us today!