iPhone Camera Repair

If your photos are blurry, a picture isn't worth a thousand words anymore. Or if you suddenly see a black screen, it can be pretty annoying. This calls for a much-needed repair to your beloved lens.
Well, here at Reboost, we can have your camera fixed up quicker than you can say 'cheese!'

Why do I need my iPhone's camera repaired?

A malfunctioning camera may prevent you from capturing any photos. Or if you do, they won't be of the best quality. Also, you may be limited in other settings like zooming and flash.
Assuming you have tried everything, it may be time to have your camera looked at by our experts.

How we fix it: iPhone camera repair process

The process begins with very lightly melting the glue on the back glass on a special plate for safer and easier removal. We then install a brand-new, high-quality camera. Finally, it is re-assembling the phone before testing. The repair time is up to an hour (if the part is in stock), or up to 24 hours.

Does the cost include the camera replacement?

Yes, it covers a new camera part.

Do you test the iPhone after you fix it?

Indeed. We test camera-related parts like the glass lens fitting and autofocus, and also verify the camera's picture quality is up to scratch. We don't forget to test other functions like the speakers, microphone, charging and speakers once the phone is re-assembled.

Will it affect my iPhone's performance if I don't repair the camera?

Yes, your iPhone can freeze while opening the camera. Other issues include: 

  • A black screen when opening the Camera app
  • Blurred images
  • A malfunction with one of the lenses
  • Inability to zoom in and zoom out
  • A non-working flash
  • Delay in capturing images

Camera issues with your iPhone? Need your camera repaired?

Are your selfies not hitting the spot? Or is your camera quality leaving a lot to be desired? Reboost will get your camera game back to form again for your picturesque moments.

Why iPhone camera repair with Reboost

We have specialized technicians with years of experience working with Apple products. There are no hidden costs. Plus, the repair is completed in 1-24 hours and comes with a six-month warranty for extra assurance.

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