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AirPods are silky but very delicate devices. If you do not protect them properly, they will break or malfunction. Reboost Shop offers AirPods Pro Gen 1 (2019) cases from strong plant-based materials. You are assured of 360 degrees of protection from the AirPod drops, misplacement, or loss. 

You can't overlook the convenience offered by AirPods Pro Gen 1 (2019) Cases from our Lugano, Switzerland store. The cases come with a style ring around them. You can attach the ring and your AirPod to any of your other devices, such as the car keys. In fact, a case around the AirPod is an upgrade to the gadget.

Let's not be carried away! Even if you get the best case and buy it cheaply, you may leave our planet much worse than you found it. With the advancement in technology, it is possible to protect the environment with tech accessories. AirPods Pro Gen 1 (2019) Cases from Reboost Shop are eco-friendly accessories. The materials used are compostable, ensuring that you can conveniently and safely dispose of the cover after use. 

Compatibility is also embraced with the AirPods Pro Gen 1 (2019) Cases from Reboost Shop. Since it is a customized case, the cover is compatible with the Airpods wireless charging and key access points. Compatibility is further enhanced by a slim fit design, ensuring that your AirPods slot into the case precisely.

What are you waiting for? You can get AirPods Pro Gen 1 (2019) Cases from our Lugano, Switzerland shop in different colors. Check our online portal for these amazing cases and make an order today.