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Are you looking for a MacBook Pro 16-inch case with minimal fuss yet offers maximum protection? Reboost Shop cases for the MacBook Pro 16 are made from high-impact materials to give the device 10x protection. The cases are scratch resistant and protect against heavy drops and knocks on your device.

Do not let the beauty of your MacBook Pro 16-inch be concealed by the case. Covers sold at Reboost Shop enhance the outer look of your tech device. The tint option is a favorite for those on the go and who want a cool finish. If you want something shiny and revealing, you can select the clear covers. Any range offered at our Reboost Shop carries an original and upped beauty you won’t want to miss.

Why buy bulky cases when the MacBook has advanced so much to an ultra-light gadget? With MacBook Pro 16-inch Cases, it's almost a load-free cover. That's because a lot of engineering went into making the case as slim as possible while the material is lightweight. With its lightweight, you can carry it easily and use it comfortably.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Cases from Reboost Shop are specially made covers. They come with precise cutouts to each contour and curve of your Mac device. That ensures that the essential parts fit each other. You can easily put and remove the cover without worrying about unmatching parts. 

Why not order MacBook Pro 16-inch Cases from the best shop in Lugano, Switzerland? We are a trusted brand that only sells certified products. You have a quality guarantee when you buy the cover with Reboost Shop. You can also shop securely and easily via our online portal.