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Purchasing a MacBook Air device is already a great decision. But have you considered how to buy the premium device cost-effectively? Get yourself a refurbished MacBook Air. It is cheaper than a new Mac and doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics and quality features of the device. At the Reboost shop in Switzerland, we offer budget-friendly refurbished MacBook Air devices. Buy now and enjoy all the benefits that come with the MacBook Air.

Why buy a MacBook Air refurbished

Don’t you love a clean environment? Fortunately, when you purchase a refurbished MacBook Air, you are helping to keep our environment clean. You create a market for devices that would otherwise end up in landfills and the general environment. Yet, you get a device with exactly similar performance as a new MacBook Air at a low price.

Besides, a common concern for most people is the quality of a device if they buy it second-hand. This should not be a worry when you purchase a refurbished MacBook Air from us. The device is thoroughly tested by professionals and passed all quality standards. 

The benefits of purchasing a refurbished MacBook Air

Buying a refurbished MacBook Air offers numerous benefits:


If you are worried about the huge upfront costs of purchasing a new MacBook Air, you should go for the refurbished alternative. It is cheaper and offers the same premium qualities.

Value for money

Let's say your budget needs to be improved to buy a new MacBook Air. In such a case, you will be forced to purchase a less premium laptop with inferior qualities and performance. But you can allocate the same budget to acquire a refurbished MacBook Air with premium features, giving more value.

Gives peace of mind

It could feel awkward but imagine damaging or losing your new MacBook Air. That would cost you days of sleep since you spent dearly on it. The negative feeling is lighter with a refurbished option since you pay less.

Comes with a warranty

You get a refurbished MacBook Air with a warranty card like a new gadget. If you are buying at our store, you get a 3-month return policy that guarantees you a quality product.

Where can I buy a refurbished MacBook Air?

You can purchase a refurbished MacBook Air from Reboost shop in Switzerland. Our devices have been tested and proven by expert refurbishers. Rest assured that the devices are 100% functional and come with a solid return policy.

How the refurbishing process works in Reboost

Before we sell that refurbished MacBook Air, we subject the device to a thorough process. Here is what we do:

  1. Testing: Once we get the MacBook Air from an authentic seller, we test its software and hardware features to ascertain they are pristine.
  2. Updating: The next step is to update the device's software. We revert the MacBook Air to its factory settings by erasing all user-saved data.
  3. Disinfect and package: The final step is to clean the device and make it ready and hygienic for use. We also package it properly and sell it to let you enjoy the premium qualities of the MacBook Air.

Why buy a used MacBook Air online from Reboost?

When you purchase online with Reboost, you get a full package. Here are the reasons to acquire a refurbished MacBook Air with us:

Trusted dealer

We are the best tech and tech accessories shop in Switzerland. Our certified refurbishers ensure you get quality products.

Top-class customer service

We have a dedicated team at our Lugano, Switzerland shop. They will explain every bit of your preferred refurbished MacBook Air and help you make the right decision.

Seamless and fast transaction

We sell online, and you can purchase from the comfort of your dwelling place or office. Our support team will process the request immediately when you initiate the transaction.

Ready to make a used Mac order today? Sample online and get yours today at Reboost.