iPhone Battery Service Replacement

Your iPhone’s battery degrades from regular use. You hate the moment the battery dies abruptly. You can overcome the sudden shutdown with replacement. Seek our services whenever you detect overheating, swelling, fast charge loss, or failure when charging. At Reboost, the battery gets replaced in 30 minutes.

Why do I need the battery replaced?

It’s annoying when the iPhone switches off without warning. It is even worse when that happens during an important call. There is another risk. Did you know that malfunctioning phone batteries can explode, causing injuries? Replace your battery for safety from such accidental injuries. The replacement will restore and ensure an uninterrupted user experience for the iPhone.

How do we fix the malfunctioning battery?

Begin with a diagnostic check. We rule out other problems, including charging port faults. We won’t charge you for the diagnosis. The next step is replacement. The old battery goes to recycling. You get a new, original, lab-tested battery. Lastly, our post-repair diagnosis ascertains the problem is solved. You go home with more power in a reliable battery.

Does the cost include the replacement labor charge?

Yes. There are no extra charges. The cost combines battery purchase and service labor.

Do you test the battery after you fix it?

Yes. We always test your device to confirm it gets properly fixed. We verify that the iPhone is powering as required. The device gets charged in our lab while testing for all battery problems like powering rate, thermal dissipation, and battery life. We ensure the battery is healthy.

If I don’t repair the battery, will it affect my iPhone’s performance?

Yes. Failing to fix the battery will cause lagging performance. The abrupt shutdowns persist. Delayed repairs could also lead to data loss for any on-device data without a backup. The battery might also explode in your pocket and cause burns. Many things could go wrong due to the malfunctioning battery.

Need an iPhone battery replacement?

Bring your iPhone to Reboost for battery service within 30 minutes. You can also use our customer-friendly website to order the service. Talk to us now!

Why replace a battery at Reboost?

Reboost uses only original, genuine, directly sourced Apple parts. Battery replacements get lab-tested for quality assurance. Excluding normal usage wear and physical damage, we give you a 6-month warranty on all battery replacements. Come to Reboost for a fast, pocket-friendly, guaranteed iPhone battery replacement.

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