iPhone Water Liquid Damage Repair

For one reason or another, many iPhone users find their phones swimming in water. Sadly, no smartphone is 100% water resistant, meaning a device can be completely damaged.
This may see some users looking to buy a new phone.  Maybe others will put it in rice or charge it after falling in water. Rather, urgently bring it to Reboost who specialize in water liquid damage fixing for your iPhone, saving you money, time, and effort.

Why do I need my iPhone's water liquid damage repaired?

Internal circuitry and water really don't mix. Liquid damage can be cruel to many components of the phone's motherboard, along with the battery, screen, and charging ports.
While some users may succeed with a short-term fix, it's like rust. Unresolved water damage can erode your phone over time.

How we fix it: iPhone water liquid damage repair process 

We dismantle the phone, before preparing the motherboard and other affected parts for thorough cleaning. Reboost uses an ultrasonic cleaner before checking under a microscope that the parts are cleaned. Lastly, we get the phone professionally dried.  The repair time is up to 24 hours.

Does the cost include the replacement of the water-damaged parts?

No. If there are functioning problems where something needs to be replaced, we shall give you a quote.

Do you test the iPhone after cleaning the water liquid?

After cleaning, we run a diagnostic to see if there are issues. We pay close attention to the battery, camera, microphone and charging port to see if there is still damage (which may need to be replaced).

Will it affect my iPhone's performance if I don't repair the water liquid damage?

Absolutely. A water-damaged phone can:

  • Prevent your phone from charging
  • Cause static in sound when you connect ear/headphones
  • Distort phone calls and music playing
  • Result in a dark display or distorted screen

In the worst-case scenario, any liquid contact with the motherboard could result in data loss.

Water liquid damage on your iPhone? Need the liquid cleaned out?

If your iPhone has been in a decent amount of water, getting it fixed ASAP is crucial to prevent further harm. Let our Apple-expert technicians do damage control to have your phone water-free.

Why iPhone water liquid damage repair With Reboost

Reboost has an excellent 24-hour turnaround with professional technicians to work on your phone. There is also an 80% success rate, along with a three-month warranty. It's quick, effortless, and affordable!

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