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Are you looking for a perfect second-hand iPad to buy cheaply? You can get one below the market price at Reboost in Lugano, Switzerland, or at our online portal. A refurbished iPad is an excellent quality gadget at a bargain price. Get yours today from a variety of options at our online store.

Why buy a refurbished iPad?

A thoroughly refurbished iPad is as good as new. So, you don’t have to worry that the gadget will miss any specifications because you are spending less on it. Besides, you might be interested in a particular iPad that is no longer available in the market. A refurbished one becomes the only option to go back in time. Plus, buying it is a perfect way to keep a working tech away from landfills.

The advantages of purchasing a refurbished iPad

Purchasing a refurbished iPad is good for the pocket and mind:

Value for money

If you spend on a new iPad, you will definitely feel a pinch for a tight budget. Going the refurbished way ensures you get a perfect gadget for a lower budget. If you decide to sell it, you could fetch the same or a higher price for it. Buying new doesn't get you the same resale value.

They are fully tested

Before a second-hand iPad gets into the market, they are already been tested and proven. They meet the standards of a new device. If they develop issues, you can return them to us using a warranty card issued at purchase.

Dedicated support

Buying a used iPad from a stranger gives no assurance of its authenticity or post-sale attention. At Reboost, our trusted team will guide you as you make the purchase and follow up on any post-sale issues.

Wo kann ich ein wiederaufbereitetes iPad kaufen?

Reboost in Switzerland is your perfect place to buy a refurbished iPad. We test the device against the standards of a new gadget and sell it at a low price. You can trust that our product will work similarly to a new iPad.

How the refurbishing process works in Reboost

We don't just put the used iPad on the shelves immediately after we acquire it from a seller. We pass it through a refurbishing process:

  • Inspection: When we receive the gadget, we check its components: screen, keyboard, camera, etc. We also inspect its software to ensure it's in good condition.
  • Reset: At this stage, we revert the iPad to its factory settings. All the preexisting data of the previous owner are erased and the software is updated.
  • Package: We beautifully package the device and give it a new look. The gadget is now ready to get off the shelf to offer a quality service.

Why buy a used iPad online from Reboost?

Clients in Switzerland buy refurbished iPad from Reboost because of:


The key to getting an excellent second-hand iPad is to select a reputable dealer with an easy and secure ordering process. Reboost has been a trusted dealer in Switzerland.


You can sample a range of used iPads by browsing the web portal. The easy-to-navigate website will help you shop from anywhere in Switzerland.

Quick service

By buying through our online portal, you spent less time. Our dedicated team is also there to assist at any time.

Physical location

You can also go to Reboost stores in Lugano, Switzerland, and find amazing offers for the refurbished iPad. Reach out to us today!