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Your iPhone 7 or 8 device is an important companion that connects you wherever you go. It is important to protect it if you accidentally drop it - with a good phone cover. That way, you save on the cost of repairs like having to replace a broken screen. A good casing also prevents scratches, dents, or dirt on your important communication gadget.

At the Reboost shop, you can choose what you want – a clear or a colored case. The casing is light, stylish, and made with a microbe-resistant formula to maintain hygiene. The formula ensures that your device is free from any stubborn germs. What is more? You are assured of a shock deterrent casing that protects all the edges of your cell phone. That means absolutely zero impact if they ever slip through your fingers.

Reboost iPhone 7 and 8 casing have been made to the highest standards. The workmanship has passed through the scrutiny of national regulatory standards. The casings also have a perfect design to accommodate all your device features. It has a carefully crafted camera cutout – perfectly designed to accommodate the dual-lens camera.

The phone volume and power buttons are well taken care of with adequate cutouts. Notably, the iPhone 7 casing can fit an iPhone 8 (the two devices have only a 2mm size difference.) The size is a great plus; it lets you swap between the devices if you own both. Reboost Shop in Lugano, Switzerland, has combined the quality of iPhone 7 and 8 casing with top customer service and affordability. Talk to our team today.