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To keep your AirPods shiny and clean, AirPods Gen 1 & 2 (2016-2020) cases are crucial. The cases are great in keeping the AirPods free from dust accumulation, damage, or scratches. With a wireless or wired option – purchased separately – the cases offer the most versatile solution.

AirPods Gen 1 & 2(2016-2020) cases at Reboost Shop are Bluetooth-enabled to connect iPhone, MacBook, and iPad. Without the cases, your AirPods can easily be misplaced – different with a case. Besides, the cases are very convenient for charging AirPods.

They can be recharged by placing them on a Qi-certified charging mat. You also have the wireless option, which needs no plugging or unplugging with a charging cable. Reboost Shop’s AirPods Gen 1 & 2(2016-2020) cases are also great for power storage. The Gen 1 & 2 are MagSafe enabled – a perfect magnetic alignment – for seamless charging.

AirPods Gen 1 & 2(2016-2020) cases take one hour to charge on average, with 24 hours of usage. The cases are made from strong polycarbonate plastic of 2mm thickness. With the casing, you are assured of maintaining the sound quality of your AirPod, the optical sensors, and the audio control. Another AirPod functionality the case will cushion against external shocks is noise filtration – powered by the beamforming microphone.

Reboost Shop cases for Airpods are perfectly fitting accessories. Of importance to note is that if the case is not fitting, it could be fake. Such a case may let dust harm your earbuds. The Gen 1 & 2 cases come in multiple colors at our Lugano, Switzerland shop. You can match the color of the case and that of your phone. For more, talk to our experts today.