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It wasn’t by accident that you stumbled on this post about Reboost iPhone XS Case. You probably needed a cover with extra protection yet maintaining the iPhone's aesthetics. That's exactly what you get when you purchase the iPhone XS Case from our store in Lugano, Switzerland. The case is made of strong and durable Flaxstic material for maximum and 10X protection,a feature distinct from the standard cases. Besides, the material is compostable, helping you declutter your compound and keep the planet clean.

How about a sustainable appeal? Reboost Shop offers iPhone XS cases in various patterns, themes, and colors. Gone are the days you would be forced to make a selection of the usual black-gray cases. Yellow, blue, pink, purple, red, green, etc. options are now available when you purchase the XS case.

Don’t let a mobile phone case break your back as you carry your everyday-use gadget. The XS cases are super-slim covers that fit the iPhone perfectly for easy carrying. The cover is smooth, too, giving a cool vibe that comes with iPhone devices. 

Functionality is never an issue with Reboost Shop iPhone XS cases. This is a customized case that curves to every contour of your iPhone. As such, there is no limit to accessing the ports, buttons, and speakers; name them.

You can acquire the iPhone XS case in different designs. The blank, print, and engraving options are all available at Reboost Shop and can be sampled via an online portal. The cases are available in Stitch, Wallet, and Clear models. Irrespective of the choice, you get a quality guarantee that will make you want it again.