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Google Pixel Cases are tested and proven for multi-drop protection. Physical protection comes first and keeps your gadget free from potential damage to its screen and other parts. With strong impact materials, the cases from our Lugano, Switzerland shop will give your Pixel 6 device a sturdy look, protecting it from drops up to 16 feet. The phone has enhanced protection around sensitive parts such as the camera.

Microbial protection is the second benefit of acquiring Pixel 6 Cases. The cases are made of a special formula and advanced antimicrobial technology. This feature protects you and your gadget against harmful microbes due to the unhygienic handling of the device. 

If you are tired of bulky cases, your journey should end at Reboost Shop. Pixel 6 Cases are ultra-light due to the materials used in making them, but they still carry a firm grip on your palms.

Google Pixel 6 Cases from Reboost Shop are all beautiful. Gone are the days of black and white and some fading colors for a phone case. At our Lugano, Switzerland store, you get cases in different colors. The designs also differ, ensuring you do not miss out. You simply match the case with your style and enjoy a phone with an enhanced outer look and appearance.

Do not worry whether your case will fit well with your Pixel 6 smartphone. A lot of engineering work was done to customize the case to the contours, bends, and curves of your phone. As such, every part fits perfectly. You can easily fit, remove, and operate your covered phone. Talk to Reboost Shop today, and let's serve you.