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Do you want to get a MacBook Pro for less money? Consider purchasing a refurbished Mac from Reboost, Switzerland. We are one of the best Macbook sellers, so you can trust us to deliver high-quality laptops that suit your budget.

Why buy a MacBook Pro refurbished

Let’s face it — a new Mac can be expensive and beyond your budget. In this case, you don’t have to wait until you get enough money to acquire it. Get a refurbished one instead. The laptops look as good as new and work efficiently. They also have a big memory capacity, allowing you to run more extensive programs without slowdowns.

The benefits of using a MacBook Pro refurbished

There are several benefits you will enjoy by purchasing a MacBook Pro Refurbished:

Clear screen

The device provides an unparalleled crisp and clear image with resilient backlighting and lively color contrast. This makes it ideal for artists, designers, photographers, visual aesthetic lovers, etc.


MacBook Pro Refurbished has a fast and responsive Core i9 2.9GHz and gives you all the performance without sacrificing speed. Whether you want to engage in encoding or processing files, this laptop has got you covered. 


Every Macbook has different kinds of apps to help you get the job done. Some applications include iTunes, iMovie, Mail, Notes, FaceTime, Time Machine, etc.

Money-back guarantee

A return policy is available. If unsatisfied with the refurbished MacBook, you can quickly return it within the specified period and receive a refund.

Where can I buy a refurbished MacBook Pro refurbished?

Buy your MacBook Pro at Reboost as we only sell products that have passed our 30-point inspection. We also guarantee you a secure shopping experience and in case you need shipping, it’s freely available.

How the refurbishing process works in Reboost

All of our products are in excellent condition as we are committed to ensuring that customers get the best. Before you receive a MacBook from Reboost, know that they have undergone a thorough refurbishment process that entails the following:

  1. Cleaning: During this step, we check the laptop to determine whether it has any defective parts. If  we spot anything that interferes with the proper working of the device, we remove and substitute it with genuine parts.
  2. Testing: We ensure that everything on the computer, such as the keys, ports, camera, screen, hard drive, operating system, etc., works perfectly as expected.
  3. Updating: After we are satisfied with the workability of the MacBook, we get rid of the preexisting data and update the software.
  4. Packaging: Lastly, we package it with all the cables and necessary accessories you would get with an unused item.

Why buy a used MacBook Pro refurbished online from Reboost?

At Reboost, we only sell products that have passed our 30-point inspection. We also guarantee a secure shopping experience; if you need shipping, it’s freely available. These are the other reasons that should prompt you to seek our services:

Price-friendly products

The laptop contains all the features you’d find on a new Mac but at a more affordable price.

Quality assurance

Our MacBook Pros undergo rigorous testing and quality check, so their hardware and software are in perfect condition. An untrained eye may be unable to differentiate the laptop from a new one.

Payment plans

You don’t have to pay for the product's full price all at once. Depending on your budget, you can pay for the Mac monthly.

Make an order to begin enjoying all the attractive MacBook Pro Refurbished has to offer!