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Reboost sells iPhone XR cases that give 10 times protection for your favorite gadget. The cover is made of a sturdy and elegant Flaxstic material. The material is long-lasting to keep your iPhone sparkling clean always. When you purchase the case, you get more than protection. Flaxstic is compostable, helping you cut waste and protect the environment. 

Don't you love a smooth cover for your hand-held device? When you purchase the iPhone XR Case, the first thing you notice is its soft palm feel. The feature is complemented with an extra-light material, making the cover easy to install and remove from your iPhone. The case does not compromise access to your phone's access points – cameras, speakers, and ports. All are kept intact since the cover is customized to the style of the iPhone XR.

The manufacturer of iPhone XR cases considered that customers are constantly seeking something that brings out the modernity that the gadget carries. Unique designs like the clear, solid-colored, engraved, and artful vibes bring out the style of the iPhone itself. The good thing with Reboost Shop is that you can check all these designs via our easy-to-use portal before making a purchase.

We do not stop there! If you like something different from those on offer at our Lugano, Switzerland store, you can consider special Stitch Cases. These cases let you build your own custom case that matches your style and personality. That means that no matter the type of case you need, you will get it at the Reboost Shop. Order now and let Reboost be your iPhone partner.