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The Rewards of Buying Refurbished Apple Devices from Reboost

Don’t let the cost of an Apple device deter you from owning it. Get a refurbished option and save huge upfront costs. At Reboost, we sell quality pre-owned Apple devices at a fraction of the cost of the new one. Located in Lugano, Switzerland, we provide free quotes for your used gadget. Have no time to visit our physical store? Don’t worry. Visit our easy-to-navigate online portal and enjoy the convenience of shopping with us from the comfort of your home or office. In a nutshell, the following are the benefits you get by shopping with us:

Great prices

Reboost offers the lowest prices you can get for refurbished Apple devices, with the same quality as a new one.

Flawless devices

We only stock items that have been tested and ascertained to be defect-free. Get value for money when you shop with us.

Full product lineup

We sell all refurbished Apple devices. Whether the first gen, or second gen, etc of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and many more. The product comes with all essentials like charging cables, and earphones for maximum device experience.

Improved device specifications

Ever wanted your previous generation Apple device to carry the latest software and features? We incorporate this in the device as we refurbish it.

Beautiful packaging

We repackage the Apple devices and give them a new look that is similar to or even better than a factory package.

3-month free returns

Take advantage of our 3-month guarantee and get free repairs or money returned if the product doesn’t work as specified.

Exceptional pre and post-sale service

We have qualified staff at our Lugano Switzerland to attend to your needs anytime. A dedicated service team is also always there if you shop online from us.

Have troubling questions regarding refurbished iPhone products or what we offer at Reboost, talk to our experts today. You can also get quick answers to the frequently asked questions below:

FAQ about buying refurbished Apple devices

Are refurbished Apple devices of good quality?

Refurbished items are 100% functional, clean, and safe. At Reboost, we inspect and update our pre-owned Apple devices before we make them available on the shelves.

Will I get a warranty if I buy a refurbished device from Reboost?

Yes, all refurbished units are given a warranty which you can use to claim repairs or money back. At Reboost, you can return the product 3 months starting the date of purchase.

Is it economical to buy refurbished Apple devices?

Absolutely. You save numerous bucks since pre-owned units are sold at knocked down prices. Reboost sells each refurbished unit at below the market price.

How safe is it to buy a refurbished device?

If you buy a preowned unit with a reputable entity like Reboost, you are assured of an authentic product. The products have been sourced ethically and come as an honest deal.

Do I get a refurbished Apple device with the previous owner data?

No. All data of the previous owner is cleaned during the refurbishing process. So, you buy a device in factory settings and fill it with your personal data.