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Our shop has different varieties. They include: OtterBox Symmetry Series 360, Speck Balance Folio, ESR Slim Smart, PITAKA Magnetic and so forth. They are mostly for the 4th and 5th generation. In addition, the cases come with various colors like rose gold, papaya, gray, black.

Do you constantly worry that your favorite iPad Air could fall accidentally from your hands? Do not worry. The cases from our team protect your iPad Air from scratches and light drops. The OtterBox case has a folio cover that prevents scratches thus making the iPad still look new. The folio case also functions as a typing stand and is helpful when you are not using your iPad Air.

Do you wonder whether you will ever find a fitting case for your iPad Air? Do not be anxious. Our team has built cases that have cutouts for the iPad’s USB-C port and smart connector. Furthermore, there is a dock for charging the Apple Pencil. All these features are found in the PITAKA Magnetic case.

Are you afraid of purchasing cases that would make your iPad Air heavy? Fear not. Reboost Shop offers Speck Balance Folio case which has a slim outline which makes it light. Besides, this case has a Balance Folio that keeps germs away. This is essential in preventing communicable diseases like Flu which is spread through air. 

For those who like external keyboards and mice, a standard folio case is preferable. On the other hand, those who love to be in contact with the screen while using the Apple Pencil, should consider a snap on case. You can go online and look for Reboost Shop in Lugano, Switzerland. Go through the various prices, colors and the size that would fit your iPad Air. All the best!