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A MacBook is a high-tech and powerful laptop for everyday use. Buying it new can be overwhelming because you are acquiring a premium gadget. But have you ever thought about how you can get it cheaply? At Reboost, we make owning a MacBook easy and affordable. With our top-quality refurbished options, we bring you all the benefits of a MacBook at a knocked-down price.

Why purchase a refurbished MacBook

A refurbished MacBook means you enjoy the full range of benefits and advances of the tech unit without going deeper into your pocket. What’s more? You get previous-generation features in a MacBook that are no longer in newer devices.

Main pros of using a refurbished MacBook

Same features as a new MacBook

MacBooks carry all the technological advancements. They are kept intact in a refurbished unit just as a new device.

Best deals

Yes, you can revive those memories of huge shopping discounts by getting a refurbished unit of MacBook. With our easy-to-navigate website, you can check what’s on offer and grab the opportunity quickly.

100% functional

You will be amazed that a pre-owned MacBook isn’t just thrown into the shelves. It undergoes a refurbishing process where it is tested to ascertain quality before being sold.

Has a warranty

A refurbished MacBook offers a good warranty, similar to a new unit. At Reboost, you can return the laptop 3 months after purchasing it if it fails to meet the specifications.

Where can I buy a refurbished MacBook?

Always get a used MacBook from a seller you can trust to save you the costs of a defective or questionable unit. Don’t look further than Reboost, the best tech and tech accessories shop in Switzerland. We test and sell refurbished MacBooks at steep discounts through our physical store in Lugano, Switzerland, or via an online portal.

How the refurbishing process works in Reboost

Our dedicated experts pass a used MacBook through a refurb process to clean their internals and put it in the best condition. Here is what the process entails:

  1. Test: Our teams check the MacBook for any issues with its components.
  2. Update and reset: If everything passed the first step, we then update the software. We remove the preexisting data to reset it.
  3. Package: We carefully and beautifully package the unit and give it a fair price before selling it to you.

Why buy a used MacBook online from Reboost?

Reboost has assembled and sold millions of refurbished MacBooks in Switzerland. You can trust us because we are reputable and sell genuine quality products. When you purchase online from us, you get:

Speed and convenience

You log in to our webpage, sample the used MacBooks on offer, and purchase instantly.

Best prices

Our prices are deeply discounted and below the retail pricing and competitor charges. Check our online store today or visit us in Lugano, Switzerland and find the iPhone that fits your budget.

Unmatched customer service

We serve our customers around the clock and respond to queries quickly. Talk to our customer support today.

We give value for money

Our team comprises of experienced refurbishers. Everything we put on the shelf is 100% functional and lasts as well as a new unit.

Want to try out refurbished MacBook products today? Browse our collections and talk to our team to guide you through the purchasing process.