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Protection comes first when you acquire a case for any type of phone. Whether the phone's sensitive screen, camera, or charging ports, breakages are costly. While there are many cases in the market to choose from, only a few will get the work done to your satisfaction. Reboost Shop cases for Pixel 4 XL smartphones are strong components for your device.

Made from plant-based Flaxstic material, the cases are ultra-protective. No matter how often your phone falls, you can be sure it is protected from breakage and damage. In the case of exposure to harmful UV light, the case will keep the gadget shielded. 

Worried about the environmental damage caused by poorly disposed phone cases. Worry not with Pixel 4 XL Cases from the Reboost Shop. The plant-based material used in the cover is compostable. You can dispose of it safely after use, knowing it won't destroy our planet any further. The case is also durable and long-lasting, and you won't have to replace it often and take a lot of waste to the environment.

Choose from a variety of styles of Pixel 4 XL cases from our Lugano, Switzerland shop. They range from classic cases to engraving options. There are limitless colors to match the case with and improve the gadget's aesthetics.

Reboost Shop has an assortment of Google Pixel 4 XL cases to keep the device in pristine condition. The cases are customized to the unique style of 4 XL. So, if you have been wondering how best to take care of your premium gadget, you should not worry. The case fits every part and component of the Pixel 4 Xl. Order online today, while the stock lasts!