Laptop LCD Screen Repair

If the LCD cracks or loses display, Reboost gets you sorted. The screen could break if the laptop falls or due to any shock. It is also possible for the LCD to develop a short circuit. Whatever the fault, Reboost technicians are ready to restore the display.

Why do I need my laptop’s screen repaired?

A crack on the LCD interferes with the display. Sometimes, the display could be lost entirely or in a localized section. If your computer has touch functionality, the sensitivity is lost, and you can’t use that feature. Your enjoyment of the device declines. Since you can’t use the device optimally, the performance also drops. Why suffer all that, yet Reboost can solve the display problem?

How we fix the laptop screen

We begin by identifying the model and version of your PC. We confirm the LCD's size, features, and particular connector type. When the model is identified, the next step is disassembling the top case assembly, removing the faulty LCD, and fixing a new one. Finally, we switch it on to confirm its functionality.

Does the cost include the price of the replacement screen?

Yes. However, the cost is only a guide. Once your laptop is assessed, the technician informs you about the final price, depending on your laptop’s model.

Do you test the laptop screen after you fix it?

Yes. The screen must be checked for full functionality. Apart from the display, the LCD is tested for touch functionality, where applicable. We also test the WiFi and camera connectors for functionality, considering they are part of the top case assembly. The tests are crucial for Reboost’s quality assurance verification.

If I don’t repair the screen, will it affect my laptop’s performance?

Yes. An inability to use the display affects performance. A short circuit affecting the LCD might also affect other components of the top assembly. Leaving the faults unrepaired could lead to greater problems that would cost you more to repair. Take action promptly.

Need a laptop screen repair?

Reboost technicians restore your display within two hours. LCD repairs come with a 6-month warranty.

Why repair your laptop’s screen with Reboost?

Reboost works with experienced technicians to help identify the correct display for your laptop. We source all repair parts from dealers and use 100% genuine parts. Reboost offers a 6-month warranty as a sign of confidence. Our prices are affordable.

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