MacBook repair

Your MacBook’s screen could be broken or unable to connect to networks. The keys are stuck, and the trackpad isn’t responding. Or there are dead pixels on the display, affecting the device’s visual appearance. Don’t worry. Reboost can get to the root of the problem and fix it, so you can continue using your laptop comfortably.

What are the most common MacBook repairs?

Need your MacBook to be repaired? Reboost has got your back and offers these services:

  • MacBook keyboard repair/replacement
  • Overheating repair
  • MacBook trackpad repair
  • MacBook liquid damage repair
  • MacBook battery replacement service
  • Faulty logic board repair
  • Software issues repair
  • LCD screen repair service
  • MacBook diagnosis and general repairs

Why do I need my MacBook repaired?

Overexposing your MacBook to heat can lead to a loss of battery life, causing less charge cycles. Accidental spills of coffee, water, or other liquid can seriously damage the laptop’s components such that it displays a blue screen, crashes, and freezes. In this case, using the device becomes frustrating as you can hardly get anything done. What’s the solution?

How we fix a faulty MacBook

Seek a reputable repair service like ours. We will examine your gadget and run diagnostic tests to understand the signs of the issue. This may also involve opening the device to access the internal hardware. Next, we fix the problem and replace some components which are beyond repair. You can trust us to do a perfect job.

Does the cost include component replacement?

Yes. We charge for component replacement.

Do you test the MacBook after you fix it?

Yes. We test the MacBook to make sure all the fixed or replaced components have been installed properly, and there are no more signs of damage. We also confirm that the startup process is seamless and generates no errors. You will be informed about the test results and details regarding the repairs and replacements done. This is to confirm that the device is ready for use.

If I don't repair my MacBook, will it affect my device performance?

Absolutely. Overlooking the signs can lead to serious issues along the road. You will have to contend with longer load times and slower processing speeds, making it harder to complete tasks on time. Your MacBook can become unstable and unreliable due to random shutdowns and crashes.  Consequently, you may lose unsaved files and documents.

Need a repair for your MacBook?

Look no further than Reboost! We are a trustworthy repair service that will transform your device and make it as good as new.

Why should you repair your MacBook with Reboost?

Reboost provides high-quality services thanks to our technicians, trained to give nothing but the best. You can rely on us to accurately diagnose the problem with your gadget and rectify it using the correct tools. We also provide insurance for our parts.

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