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iPhone 14 Plus cases protect your communication companion against spills, accidents, or dust. It is also great for guarding it from scratches and the normal wear and tear. Reboost Shop iPhone 14 Plus cases are affordable, meaning you can easily replace as needed. Using the covers assures you that nothing bad will ever happen to your gadgets if it slips off your fingers. Such accidents usually happen most of the time.

The case protects not only the external aspect of your iPhone but also the internal ones. When your iPhone hits a hard surface, like a concrete floor, the impact may affect the logic board. Such effects, at times, are much worse than the physical damage – and your phone could even lose memory. With the iPhone 14 Plus cases, you save money from the case’s durability and reinforcement.

The cases’ material is suited for MagSafe iPhone capability. The safety feature is incorporated in charging cords to protect against slippage when the gadget is connected to power. In addition, iPhone 14 Plus cases are made from a flexible material that slides to fit your phone. You don’t have to force it when fitting or removing it.

Besides, all features of your iPhone (camera lens, charging ports, volume buttons) are not concealed. The covers have precise cut-outs for each of the external components.

The cases come in a ton of shades of colors to choose from. Reboost Shop has pushed the limits to stock all the selections suitable to your tastes and preferences. What is more? The material from which the iPhone 14 Plus cases are made from is biodegradable with no carbon emission.