MacBook Battery Replacement

Are you worried that your gadget’s battery could be damaged? It is charging slowly or overheats from time to time. All of a sudden, the laptop freezes or crashes. You don’t have to tolerate these issues; let Reboost solve them for you. We are a professional repair/replacement service committed to fixing MacBook problems. Our job is to see you enjoy using your gadget again.

Why do I need my MacBook Battery replaced?

After you utilize the phone for over a year, you may realize the battery doesn’t hold charge like before. This is often caused by the battery’s degradation over time, leading to decreased capacity. At times, the battery loses power rapidly. Excessive charging might be the culprit. What is the solution?

How we fix a faulty MacBook battery

A professional repair service like ours can help fix the problem. Our technician will disconnect the battery from the MacBook carefully while ensuring nothing is damaged along the way. The new battery is then installed, and all disconnected cables are reattached. We finish by testing to ascertain that your new battery works perfectly fine.

Does the cost include the battery replacement?

Yes. You pay a fee for the new parts that include the labor.

Do you test the MacBook after you fix it?

Yes. We turn on your MacBook to check for proper booting. If it starts with no issues, then your MacBook recognizes the new battery. We determine whether the battery charges appropriately by subjecting it to a charging test. The battery’s ability to take in and retain power for long confirms it’s working normally.

If I don't replace my MacBook battery, will it affect my device performance?

Yes. Ignoring this problem can lead to several issues. Your MacBook can shut down frequently, which can be frustrating when working on a project with a tight deadline. The battery can swell over time, causing safety concerns. A swollen battery can easily damage your device’s enclosure and internal features.

Need a battery replacement for your MacBook?

Try Reboost for your repair/replacement needs, and you won’t regret your decision! We use quality parts that will serve your gadget for an extended period.

Why should you replace your MacBook battery with Reboost?

Reboost offers same-day services, so we can replace your battery within half an hour, and you can return with it. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, meaning we do everything to your liking. On top of that, a 6-month warranty is offered.

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