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iPad 10.2 inch (2020) Cases are top accessories for multi-drop protection of your tech device. With a slightly rugged design, the cases withstand strong shocks against your iPad device and protect it from falling off. That is made possible by the Flaxstic material that is sturdy and allows a strong grip.

Beyond the physical protection, the iPad 10.2 inch (2020) Cases from Reboost Shop are compostable. Think of it: each time you handle your iPad or hand it over to a friend for a quick photo, there are chances you will transfer harmful microbes to it. The germs can settle underneath the case and cause harm. With Reboost Shop cases for iPad 10.2, such a risk is not there. The cases are made of advanced antimicrobial formula to keep them microbes-free.

Who needs loads of luggage for an iPad case? With iPad 10.2 inch (2020) Cases offered at our Lugano, Switzerland shop, there are no unnecessary additions. It's a precise case with a smooth but tough feel. 

If you are concerned about how our tech accessories harm the environment, iPad 10.2-inch (2020) Cases from the Reboost Shop are a perfect choice for you. With compostable materials, the cases will easily decompose, leaving the environment clean.

Finally, the case’s design is perfect! It comes with precision cuts at all iPad 10.2 access points – the power buttons, ports, and speakers. When you buy it, there are no hassles when fixing it due to the precise and customized design. The special design also makes it easy to remove and operate the gadget. Talk to our team at Reboost Shop today!