Hard Drive To SSD Upgrade Service

If you are still using the old HDD, you need to catch up on the quality, speed, and performance of SSD technology. But can you replace the HDD with SSD storage? Absolutely. You need the right expert to do the job, and Reboost is ready to sort it out.

Why do I need to upgrade my storage from HDD to SSD?

The traditional hard drive is mechanical, which works through moving parts susceptible to shock. If you drop that disk accidentally, damage to the parts could mean losing your data. With an SSD, you don’t have to worry much about minor shocks to your device. The SSD is also faster and more stable. Next, we look at how to upgrade the storage.

How we upgrade your PC from HDD to SSD

We identify the SSD that suits your needs and capabilities from various devices in our inventory. Key considerations in selecting the SSD are the capacity and connector types. The SSD gets installed. Once it gets detected, the technicians may install the operating system or migrate data according to your needs.

Does the cost include OS replacement?

No. You will get an updated quotation once you select the SSD type and capacity. OS installation and data migration are charged separately.

Do you test the SSD after you fix it?

Yes. The SSD must be readable by your system and reflected in your device's properties section. We must test the SSD because some computers have SSD drives, depending on the model and architecture. Our quality assurance must be satisfied that the suitable SSD gets installed.

If I don’t upgrade my SSD, will it affect the performance of my laptop?

Yes. Traditional storage options are slow and unstable. The risks of data loss are high and remain the same if you don’t upgrade. Besides, lagging performance is a crucial problem for the traditional HDD. Some newer applications don’t work as well in the HDD as in the SSD. Lastly, don’t forget the noise from the mechanical HDD compared to the silent SSD.

Need to upgrade from HDD to SSD?

Bring your device to Reboost. Our technicians assist you in choosing from a variety of SSDs. Reboost can also help with OS and data migration to the new storage.

Why upgrade from HDD to SSD with Reboost?

Reboost guarantees quality. Our SSDs come with a six-month warranty. Our technicians help you get the best out of your new SSD. Our prices are the best in the market.

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