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Are you looking to sell your Mac and acquire the latest model? Reboost is ready to get the used product off your hands through a fast and convenient process. Receive an immediate, competitively priced quote with no obligation.

Have a Mac and want to sell it?

How much will you get if you sell your Mac? Reboost gives you an attractive offer that you may find hard to resist. In addition to a handsome payout for your gadget, you will also enjoy these advantages for choosing Reboost:

  • User-friendly online process
  • The actual value of your Mac
  • Choose your full specification and condition

Why sell a Mac at Reboost

Reboost provides a simple and quick way to sell your Mac. We also pay good money for your used device, so you have enough money to deposit your next replacement. Our commitment to offering top-notch services ensures you get all the help you need to sell your old Mac safely.

How to sell a Mac with us?

You may ask: “How easy is it to sell my Macbook?” The process is super easy, and you’ll be done within a few minutes. Here are the steps you are expected to take:

  1. Open Reboost’s website, register, and fill in details about your Mac’s model.   
  2. We will then provide you with the trade-in price of your gadget. If you agree with the offer, select your preferred payment method.
  3. Send the Mac to us. We’ll inspect it to ensure the condition matches up, you’ve supplied the correct info, and the device works.
  4. We will immediately send you the payment when your device passes our inspection.

What payment options do we offer?

Choose any of the following payment methods to get money for your Mac:

  • Cash

    Do you want us to pay you in cash? Bring your Mac to our office in Lugano, Switzerland, and we will hand you the money after inspecting the device.
  • Paypal

    We also send money via Paypal. Give us your email address for your PayPal account so we can deposit money for your Mac.
  • Direct bank transfer

    If you want, we can deposit money directly into your bank account. This is after you provide us with the bank details via our secure portal.
  • Crypto (Bitcoins, USDT)

    Have a digital wallet? Provide us with its address, and Reboost will pay you using BTC or USDT.

Get quick cash for MacBook today!

To sell my MacBook or not - that may be the question lingering on your mind whenever you see that old computer you have not used for a long time. Be smart and sell it today! You will get an attractive offer for it.

FAQ about selling a Mac at Reboost

Is my data safe when I sell to Reboost?

Yes! We ensure all the data, including your Apple ID, is erased from all the products we receive. If you purchase a replacement Mac from us, we can help you transfer your personal data to your new gadget.

How to reset MacBook to sell?

We can wipe out your data from your MacBook at our service center so that the new owner will not access your personal info. If you want to reset the device yourself, it’s allowed but not necessary.

Can I sell a broken Mac?

yes, but it will affect the price

Is selling your Mac legit?

Yes, it is! You can safely sell your Mac online to Reboost. Trust us to offer you an attractive price for your device and send you cash instantly.

How much can I sell my MacBook Pro for?

The value of your MacBook depends on several factors, such as the specific model, condition, processor specs, and storage size. Either way, expect an attractive offer that matches the market value of your Mac when you sell to us.

Why sell a used MacBook?

Sell old Mac computers and help protect the environment. We will recycle the device to extend its lifespan when you sell it. So it will not end up in landfills and pollute the environment.

Is it difficult to sell your MacBook?

No. To sell an Apple Mac is very simple. All that is required from you is to fill in the gadget’s details and your info on Reboost website and send it to us. We’ll then inspect its condition and pay you for it instantly. Ensure you provide the correct information about the product to avoid payment delays.

Are old MacBooks still worth anything?

Absolutely! MacBooks maintain value a lot better compared to other computer models. Therefore, that old MacBook you think is useless is worth something. If you have used the gadget for a few years and it’s still in good shape, it will earn you hefty pay. If it’s older and still functional, you may receive a few hundred dollars by selling it to Reboost.

What do we accept?

If your device is functional and falls under any of the following categories, send it to us:

  • Desktop computers like Mac Pro, Mac Mini, or iMac
  • Newer versions of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Provide the necessary details about the Mac to determine if it qualifies,  and we’ll give you the quote instantly.

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