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Is buying a refurbished iPhone 12 worth it? Of course! iPhones available at Reboost, Lugano, Switzerland promise the same quality as new ones. They are 100% functional and have reliable software that can last for years. Customers globally trust us thanks to our commitment to reselling quality refurbished products and offering great customer service. Why don’t you do business with us and become part of our great community?

Why buy a refurbished iPhone 12

The refurbished iPhone has been checked and tested painstakingly so it functions flawlessly. The device integrates iOS 15, enabling you to connect with the world while sharing experiences live. By supporting 5G connectivity, the used phone allows faster uploads and downloads, enhanced gaming, higher-definition FaceTime calls, and improved video streaming. It also works with multiple languages and characters at the same time, charges fast, and has an A14 Bionic processor to enhance performance. Get in touch with Reboost to order your smartphone and experience these features first-hand.

The benefits of purchasing a refurbished iPhone 12

There are many reasons for selecting an iPhone 12 as your next gadget. However, in case you are still not sure, these are the benefits that await you when you decide to acquire the device:

Same as new

By the time the iPhone 12 is remodeled, it’s as good as new. Therefore, you can use it to perform all the functions that a new product would have helped you to do. 

Saves money

Pre-owned iPhones cost significantly less than their brand-new counterparts, allowing you to save money.


These gadgets are incredibly well-refurbished, so they won’t give you problems. You can trust them to work efficiently. 

Where can I buy a refurbished iPhone 12?

Reboost is your one-stop shop for used iPhones. We are situated in Lugano, Switzerland, and you are free to come by and purchase that much coveted iPhone 12. You can also enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your place online.

How the refurbishing process works in Reboost

We value you, and that’s why we conduct the following activities to ensure that you get an iPhone that is in good condition:

  1. Inspection: We normally start by assessing the internal and external components of pre-owned iPhones to determine if they are working as they should.
  2. Updates: Then, we get rid of any old software and add the latest one to improve the phone’s efficiency.
  3. Resale: Once our experts have tested and confirmed that the devices are in perfect condition, we put them up for sale.

Why buy a used iPhone 12 online from Reboost?

We are not new to this business, so you can trust us to provide genuine products that work effectively. Moreover, when you order a used iPhone 12 from us, you will get:

Safe purchase process

Our website is safe for all of your transactions. You have a total piece of mind when purchasing a used iPhone 12 from us.

Improved shopping experience

Buying from our online or physical office in Lugano, Switzerland is easy and fast. Just select the phone you desire, and make an order and we’ll deliver it to you as soon as possible. 

No hidden charges or fees

Our pricing is fair and straightforward. You can expect to pay what you see, and we’ll not ask you to pay extra.

Check out Reboost inventory now and find the ideal refurbished iPhone 12!