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AirPods Gen 3 (2021) Cases from Reboost Shop are trusted accessories to protect your devices from drops and scratches. The cases are made from plant-based materials, giving military-grade protection for your Airpods. 

Being plant-based also means another level of protection – eco-friendliness. If you are a little worried that humans have done enough to harm our planet so far, you can do a little to help change that. The cases we offer at our Lugano, Switzerland store are compostable. You won't have to worry about the cases destroying the environment. 

How do AirPods Gen 3 (2021) Cases from Reboost Shop feel? Our customers give a five-star rating for the Airpod cases due to their soft and smooth palm feel. Yet, these cases come with a lot of grip to prevent your tiny gadgets slipping away. 

Why waste money on poorly fitting standard cases? Reboost Shop customizes its cases for all its accessories. When you purchase the AirPods Gen 3 (2021) Cases from us, you get a cover that fits the style and design of this particular airpod device. 

Do you love a Lavender color for an Airpod 3rd Gen case? Or the Stormy Blue. At our Lugano, Switzerland shop, you get these in plenty. The Terracotta cover is also loved by consumers of every gender and age. Talk of any color and get a matching cover for your airpod at Reboost Shop.

Talk to us while stock lasts. The covers are affordably priced, and some carry a discount. Kindly visit our online portal and select your favorite case for your Airpod Gen 3 (2021).