Samsung phone Battery Service Replacement

Your Samsung battery is built for longevity. However, irregular charging, a faulty charging dock, and general degradation mean you must change your battery sooner rather than later. If you notice signs of swelling, overheating, slow charging, or fast depletion of charge, it is time to seek professional help. Reboost is there for you.

Why do I need my Samsung battery replaced?

So many things can go wrong if you don't replace a faulty battery. An overheating issue is a safety concern to you and a risk to the other components of your phone, such as the motherboard. Can you even ignore a battery that shuts down your device during an important conversation? At Reboost, we have a simple process to protect your Samsung device from further damage and inconvenience.

Our Samsung battery replacement process

Faulty battery issues are best solved by a replacement. However, before installing a new battery, we test your phone to confirm that the battery was the issue and that there were no other underlying issues. We may be prompted to conduct diagnostic testing on the charging dock or component board, depending on the problem. We then install a new quality battery and test it.

Does the cost include other parts replacement?

Should new parts be needed, you will be advised accordingly, and a cost will be added.

Do you test the Samsung device after replacing its battery?

Yes. We test that the battery receives and transmits charge appropriately. We power the device on and off and check that the battery charges to its optimal levels and retains charge. We guarantee that we will dispatch your device with a fully functional battery.

If I don't replace my Samsung battery, will it affect the device's performance?

Absolutely. You can't ignore a major problem like a battery because the results will show. If your battery shuts down when responding to emails, you might leave your receivers stranded and salty about your behavior. If your device overheats, the general health of your component board falls, and the processor slows. You risk losing your smartphone to the landfill in the long run.

Need a Samsung battery replacement?

Talk to us today. We are Samsung geeks and love solving each of its problems and returning your happiness back.

Why Samsung battery replacement service with Reboost?

We back up our promise with quality results. Samsung experts replace your battery with a quick turnaround of less than 2 hours. Our quality replacement batteries come with a 6-month warranty.

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