Windows Virus Removal Service

Is your PC infected by viruses? Is the malware destroying or limiting access to your files? You may feel like an intruder is controlling the PC. Reboost software technicians can help.

Why do I need the Windows virus removal service?

An attack on your computer can be very devastating. You may get locked out of critical work or personal data, or the data may be lost altogether. Sometimes, malware can intrude on your privacy and confidentiality. Virus attacks can appear remotely harmless, but they can also be terrifying. Take action.

How do we remove viruses from your Windows?

Reboost technicians conduct a full scan. The team then uses special software tools to attack and remove the virus. Once done, we restore the Windows Defender features and revoke all unwarranted remote control to the computer. You are now safe.

Does the cost include new antivirus software?

No. The cost is for removing viruses and restoring Windows Defender features. If you need additional security software, Reboost advises about the costs.

Do you test the laptop after virus removal?

Yes. We conduct a full scan to ensure the viruses get destroyed. We ensure no warnings popping up on the Windows Security program. We also update Windows security.  The approach keeps the PC safe from future attacks. The tests are part of a comprehensive quality assurance program that comes with the service. Come to Reboost and fix it.

If I don’t remove the virus on the computer, will it affect my laptop’s performance?

Yes. The viruses attack and destroy your files. The viruses could limit your use of particular programs or even spy on your use thereof. Viruses steal data. In some cases, the viruses could be used to attack the hardware, causing overheating and possible physical damage. Cleaning viruses is critical.

Need a Windows virus removal service?

Rush to Reboost for quick action against attacks by viruses and malware. Our service restores Window Security to prevent further attacks.

Why utilize the Windows service removal with Reboost?

Reboost’s geeky specialists use advanced tools to attack and destroy viruses. Our service restores Windows security to give you peace of mind. Reboost will advise you on further action you should take to prevent virus attacks in future. The time taken depends on the complexity of the problem, but we work for a fast turnaround. We care about your security and that of your data.

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