Windows On Mac Installation Service

Is it your wish to include Windows on your laptop? Perhaps you want to use Windows-related apps or are still learning to work with MacOS. So, you find Windows straightforward and less complicated. Seek a professional setup service provider, such as Reboost. We can help you set up this new operating system for a more streamlined user experience.

Why do I need Windows on Mac installation service?

Could be that your Mac’s hardware components aren’t optimized or suitable for Windows. Therefore, the external peripherals like the keyboard and USB hubs have malfunctioned. Problems with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity are your daily reality. Not only that. Audio drivers are not working flawlessly with Windows, causing issues like low volume, no audio output, or distorted sound. How can these issues be rectified?

How we install Windows on Mac

Your best bet is to seek a Windows installation service like ours. After bringing your laptop, we’ll examine the Mac’s specifications, the hard drive space, and RAM availability. We can then recommend the OS version that best suits you. Our experts perform the setup through BootCamp, a tool Apple offers. A set of drivers is also set up to reinforce Windows' stability.

Does the cost include Windows replacement?

Yes, the cost of the replacement is included, plus a lifetime license key fee.

Do you test the Mac after you fix it?

Yes. We conduct booting to see whether Mac boots into the MacOS and Windows flawlessly. The functionality of hardware components, such as the trackpad, webcam, and keyboard, is checked. Our technicians ensure network and graphics drivers and other vital components function correctly. If you are present, we involve you in the testing process while addressing any concerns you might have.

If I don't install Windows on my Mac, will it affect my device performance?

Yes. You may have a hard time completing tasks if the software or tools needed only operate through Windows. In case you are a gamer, you may not be able to enjoy games designed for Windows. Moreover, challenges utilizing external gadgets like scanners or printers can be common since most have better compatibility with Windows.

Need Windows installation on your MacBook?

Count on us for professional Windows setup! We find the right system for your needs and budget. We have a quick turnaround on installation for your convenience.

Why should you install your Windows on Mac with Reboost?

Our highly qualified technicians conduct all our installation work to the highest standards. They also handle your gadget carefully, so none of the Mac’s features are damaged during installation.

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