Mail Accounts Setup Service

If you need to migrate your mail account to a new computer, Reboost can help. Our technicians can migrate your emails between different OS systems without data losses. The service works seamlessly, so you can have all your work where needed.

Why do I need the mail account setup service?

You purchased a new computer and are wondering how to migrate your work files. The new computer may also be running on a different OS, such as when you move from Windows to Mac. The amount of data you need moved is hefty, and you are careful to avoid any losses or errors. Reboost technicians do a meticulous job of setting your mail on a different computer.

Reboost’s mail account setup service process

The setup depends entirely on your use case. We assign you a technician who will assess your needs and develop a work plan that suits your needs. You can bring the computer to our shop for the setup. If that’s not preferred, Reboost technicians will come to you.

Does the cost include the labor hours?

Reboost will inform you about the cost of the service depending on direct cost, workload and chargeable labor hours.

Do you test the mail setup after you fix it?

Yes. Reboost has a clear set of standard procedures for mail migration. Sometimes, the methods can be adapted to your use case. When the set-up is complete, the team checks to ensure the data is migrated successfully. We also provide that you have the necessary data security protocols. For the years we’ve been in business, we have not had any complaints regarding mail setup.

If I don’t set up the mail correctly, will it affect my performance?

Can you imagine working with jumbled mail and missing files? That must be terrible. You unknowingly elect to work through chaos if you don’t migrate your emails correctly. Jumbled mail can be highly stressful and not good for your mental health. Your performance and productivity deteriorate if mail is not migrated correctly.

Need the mail account setup service?

Visit Reboost for a quotation and assistance. Our technicians will help migrate your mail between different computers and operating systems. We prevent data loss and ensure security in migration.

Why use the mail account set-up service with Reboost?

Reboost technicians are experienced in handling mail migration for large accounts. We work with corporate clients as well as individuals. Our mail setup ensures data security and prevents losses.

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