Mac OS System Installation Service

If you need to revamp the speeds and performance of your Mac, give it a Mac OS system installation service. Reboost’s Mac OS service targets individuals who need to install the latest OS. The installation gets done the same day, depending on the model and additional services required.

Why do I need the Mac OS system installation service?

You have a fairly used Mac. You noted its speeds and performance dropping over time. You considered a system update to bring the speeds back to optimal levels. However, you don’t know how to approach the updates. You might also be afraid of data losses. Reboost can help with all that.

How we fix the Mac OS system installation service

Macs come in different models. Our first task is identifying the proper OS version depending on your model and its capabilities. We then assess the health of your hardware and conduct a little maintenance. We may create a data backup before finally installing the latest Mac OS. The process takes a few hours, but it’s completed within one day.

Does the cost include the OS X?

Yes. The quoted price covers the OS X and a labor charge.

Do you test the Mac after you fix it?

Yes. We test the revamped Mac to ensure it functions properly. We ensure the newly installed OS is loaded with all system updates. Our tests ensure the backup data is correctly transferred to the Mac with a new OS.

If I don’t repair the OS, will it affect the performance of my Mac?

Certainly yes. The Mac will continue recording lagging speeds. It may take ages to complete simple tasks such as opening a spreadsheet or playing a video. Some tasks like gaming may become possible. In the worst cases, the system may suffer frequent shutdowns, risking data loss. Both your performance and productivity are gravely affected.

Need the Mac OS system installation service?

Talk to Reboost’s geeky technicians for a revamped OS. Our technicians will also conduct maintenance on your hardware. Let’s discuss your Mac OS now?

Why the Mac OS system installation service with Reboost?

Reboost has specialists with excellent skills and experience working with Apple products. We can handle all your questions about Apple applications and hardware. Reboost’s Mac OS system installation service gets the latest system that your Mac supports. OS installation will be ready in a few hours.

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