Microsoft Surface repair

Is your Microsoft Surface misbehaving, and you don’t know exactly what’s causing the problem? Perhaps it refuses to sync with other devices, and the battery drains too fast, even with minimal usage. You have also noticed kernel panics or frequent system errors. It’s time you brought your device to Reboost before it’s too late. We’ll examine your gadget and repair it accordingly for your peace of mind.

What are the most common Microsoft Surface repairs?

If your Microsoft Surface has malfunctioned, let Reboost assess and fix it. We offer a variety of repair services like:

  • Charging port repair
  • Broken screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Data recovery
  • SSD drive upgrade
  • Port and connector repairs
  • Diagnostic testing and assessment

Why do I need my Microsoft Surface repaired?

Your Microsoft surface can easily get damaged when you accidentally drop it, spill water on it, or overexpose it to heat. Consequently, it has a broken screen, displays dead pixels, or produces strange sounds, more so when downloading or uploading a file. At times, the device freezes without warning or fails to turn on completely. These are issues you shouldn’t ignore.

How we fix a faulty Microsoft Surface

Come to us, and we will fix your Microsoft Surface within a reasonable time. Our technicians begin the repair process by thoroughly examining your gadget to discover and comprehend the specific issues affecting it. They then fix the problem. This can involve repairing the damaged port, logic board, or keyboard or replacing the battery, screen, hard drive, etc.

Does the cost include component replacement?

Yes. The cost of replacing components is factored into the final charge.

Do you test the Microsoft Surface after you fix it?

Definitely.  We conduct a comprehensive test after the repair to ensure that all issues have been successfully resolved. Our technicians confirm the functionality of various components like the touchscreen, battery, hardware, audio, trackpad, and software stability, among others. We recommend that you conduct some tests as well to ensure everything is okay and are satisfied with the outcome.

If I don't repair my Microsoft Surface, will it affect my device performance?

Yes. Ignoring some of the issues with your Microsoft Surface and hoping they will resolve themselves with time is misguided. Chances are that your device’s performance will deteriorate as time goes by. Using Microsoft Surface can become problematic as keys get stuck while you are typing or it suddenly shuts down, and you lose your unsaved documents. Moreover, enjoying basic features like watching or listening to music becomes frustrating due to static noises in the background.

Need a repair for your Microsoft Surface?

Reboost is the best choice for your Microsoft Surface repair/replacement needs. We offer unmatched services and warranty benefits for the repaired device. Contact us today!

Why should you repair your Microsoft Surface with Reboost?

Reboost technicians are equipped with a diverse skill set that allows them to tackle different kinds of Microsoft Surface-related issues effortlessly. We also use quality parts sourced from reputable suppliers. This guarantees lasting solutions freeing your gadget from software and hardware issues.

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