iPad Screen Repair

A shattered, broken, and unresponsive screen for your iPad should ruin a good day. Neither should it break the bank with expensive repairs or new gadgets. At Reboost, we give iPads a new lease of life by professionally repairing/replacing screens with new and quality parts.

Why do I need my iPad screen repaired?

Your iPad’s screen can malfunction because of manufacturing defects. Your previous repairer may also have done a shoddy job on it. The iPad may drop and crack the screen. Do you love the look of your scratched iPad screen? Definitely not. Don't forget! Daily use of your iPad causes wear and tear, creating a loose attachment of your device to the screen. Do not wait for further damage if you experience iPad screen problems. Reboost cares!

How we fix a broken iPad screen

Our approach is quite simple. We will take the iPad through a thorough in-house assessment to rule out other defects, such as faults in the motherboard. Once satisfied, we will meticulously extract the faulty screen and replace it with a new one. Our parts are of the highest quality, and we test them in our lab before considering them safe for use. The repair process occurs in under 2 hours.

Does the cost include screen replacement?

Yes. You will be given a cost that includes the new screen.

Do you test the iPad after replacing its screen?

Yes. We will test the new screen fitting and check for dark spots, touchscreen sensitivity, and display brightness. We also check your iPad’'s microphone, camera, connectivity, and other functionalities. Your iPad will be returned once our quality assurance team is satisfied with the results.

If I don't repair my iPad screen, will it affect its performance?

Absolutely. The quality of your screen determines how fast you can access the iPad’s applications, such as the caller function, messaging, and social media icons. If your screen becomes unresponsive, you will spend more hours accessing and using your device. If the screen goes blank, you cannot use the device at all. You also risk injuries to your fingers from the cracked screen.

Broken iPad screen?

Reboost provides the best iPad repair service with quality parts in a matter of hours. Contact us online or come to our store today.

Why iPad screen replacement with Reboost?

We love tackling iPad issues. If you are looking for a screen repair service that won't fail you, trust us, and we will deliver. We then give you a 6-month guarantee for your new iPad screen.

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