iPhone Speaker Repair

Does your iPhone have sound quality issues? The gadget’s speaker may likely have a problem. A faulty speaker can be frustrating—you can’t listen to music, hear calls, or the “ding'' of voicemails. If yours isn’t working, let Reboost help you. We can diagnose the issue, fix it, and have it functioning perfectly in no time.

Why do I need my iPhone speaker repair?

Your iPhone speaker is susceptible to damage. When dirt accumulates in the speaker port, it can get blocked. Sometimes, the software can malfunction, and you start noticing static or crackly sounds. It can also get clogged when you expose it to water. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a new phone. The ideal option is to seek a repair service because it’s much cheaper and more convenient. How can you get help?

How we fix a malfunctioning iPhone speaker

Reach out and describe the problem with your iPhone speaker. Reboost’s qualified technicians will check the speaker to confirm whether it has really malfunctioned. After that, we will repair it. You can depend on us to restore the normal function of the speaker quickly. We also guarantee the highest quality repair service that you will enjoy.

Does the cost include the speaker replacement?

Yes. The amount you pay covers the speaker replacement and the labor.

Do you test the iPhone after you fix it?

Yes. We will test the speaker and other components to ensure they work fine before we release the iPhone to you. If you are far away, we’ll request you to provide us with your pattern lock, passcode, or password to access its features for testing. Be assured that we won’t interfere with your data or change any software settings. However, you can test the phone yourself if you can come to our store.

If I don't repair the speaker, will it affect my device performance?

Yes, it will. Failure to fix the speaker could make it hard for you to hear the device when it rings. You may also experience challenges communicating with your callers due to sound issues. Hearing notifications or other audio could be difficult, too. All these affect your ability to utilize the iPhone efficiently.

Need a speaker repair for your iPhone?

Choose Reboost for your repair service needs. Our technicians are ready to fix your speaker and return it to you immediately. You will also receive a 6-month warranty.

Why choose iPhone speaker repair with Reboost?

Reboost technicians are highly qualified and know the ins and outs of iPhone speaker repairs, making us the perfect choice for your device repair. That’s not all. Our repair services are cost-friendly, fast, and efficient.

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