Laptop Keyboard Repair

If the keyboard of your laptop develops problems like some keys falling off or not working, Reboost can help. Typing problems may result from regular use. Dust particles and liquids could also damage the component. Whatever the source of the faults, Reboost technicians fix it in under 3 hours.

Why do I need my laptop’s keyboard repaired?

It is an essential part that allows you to work on your laptop. If damaged, it could significantly disrupt your work and limit your enjoyment of the device. Besides that, repairing saves you money since you don’t have to buy a new computer. Next, we see how to restore the keyboard.

How do we fix the keyboard?

Fixing the keyboard requires a complete disassembly of your laptop’s main base. Reboost technicians dust and clean each component when working towards reaching the keyboard. A new keyboard is fixed, and the device is reassembled. Finally, we power up to confirm its functionality.

Does the cost include the keyboard replacement?

Yes. The cost is all-inclusive and you won't be charged anything extra.

Do you test the keyboard after you fix it?

Yes. We must test it after restoration. Our quality assurance tests also work to ensure that every other component of the device is restored. The tests are important because the repairs require disassembling and reassembling many parts. Testing targets all hardware functions. You can rest assured that when you get your laptop back, it operates optimally and your keyboard problem is 100% solved.

If I don’t repair the keyboard, will it affect the performance of my laptop?

Yes. Some keys may fail. Typing content and keying in commands become impossible. Depending on the cause of the faults, a malfunctioning keyboard could cause further damage to the hardware. Repairing prevents further damage and gives you peace of mind.

Need a laptop keyboard repair?

Reboost technicians get the right keyboard for your laptop. Our comprehensive restoration includes dusting, unclogging, and cleaning your laptop. Parts and repairs come with a 6-month warranty.

Why choose the laptop keyboard repair with Reboost?

Reboost technicians are skilled, experienced, and ready to help with all your laptop faults. Our quality control ensures a complete diagnosis of your laptop’s faults. Our fast turnaround of only 3 hours ensures the least disruption to your schedule. You can also ship it for up to 2 days turnaround. Our prices are affordable and save you money.

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