iPhone Microphone Repair

The microphone in your iPhone is your mouthpiece to express yourself sonically through voice notes, calling, and voice commands. But due to issues beyond your control, it can suddenly give you problems.
Rather than buying a new phone, Reboost provides affordable iPhone microphone repair to get you speaking again!

Why do I need my iPhone's microphone repaired?

The mic is a vital piece of hardware in your iPhone. Not having it work as it should makes for an annoying, voiceless experience. You can't make calls, record voice notes, or use Siri. Luckily, Reboost will easily have your microphone repaired or replaced. Here's how we do it.

How we fix it: iPhone microphone repair process 

Our technicians can fix your iPhone's microphone within an hour of receiving it if the spare part is in stock. Alternatively, the maximum repair time is 24 hours. The process involves carefully disassembling the phone to assess the logic board before fitting the new microphone.

Does the cost include the iPhone microphone replacement?

Yes, the cost covers it.

Do you test the iPhone after you fix it?

Of course. Once your iPhone mic is spick and span, we run a basic diagnostic test to confirm other functions like charging, speakers, camera and Wi-Fi work correctly.

Will it affect my iPhone's performance if I don't repair the microphone?

While it won't affect other parts of your iPhone, an unusable microphone means:

  • Your contacts won't be able to hear you during calls
  • Siri won't be able to pick up your voice commands
  • You will not be able to use voice memos

Broken microphone on your iPhone? Need microphone repair?

Is your microphone broken or acting up? Do you need it fixed quickly? Our certified technicians can replace or repair your iPhone microphone in one day.

Why iPhone Microphone Repair with Reboost?

Reboost has technicians certified to repair Apple products, meaning they have the necessary skills and experience to get your device to work as it should. Hence, choose Reboost to repair your iPhone microphone instead of applying the strain to fix it yourself. 
It's quick, effortless, and affordable! What's more, we offer a six months warranty for phone repairs.

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