iPhone Charging Dock Repair

The charging dock for your iPhone is similar to a car's fuel tank. You may have the 'fuel' (or charge), but your battery won't regenerate if it can't activate the unit. So, no more broken ports or charging your phone at certain angles - Reboost is here to help!

Why do I need my iPhone's charging dock repaired?

Put simply, you will not be able to recharge your battery. This means that your phone will eventually power off. Some users could find luck with a different charging cable, which may be unsustainable in the long run. Furthermore, they may need a factory reset, but unfortunately, this removes all contacts, apps, settings, etc.

How we fix it: iPhone charging dock repair process 

We slightly heat up your iPhone's front screen on a special mat to reach the charging port. Before cleaning, we then check for dirt, which could be blocking a secure connection. If we need to replace the dock, we install a new one. The repair process is 1-24 hours.

Does the cost include the charging dock replacement?

Yes, the cost covers the installation of a new charging dock (if necessary).

Do you test the iPhone after you fix it?

Absolutely. Once your iPhone is reassembled, we, of course, charge your phone. The most crucial evidence is the battery percentage increasing, suggesting a successful repair.

Will it affect my iPhone's performance if I don't repair the charging dock?

Yes. It will be impossible to turn on your iPhone if you cannot charge the battery due to a malfunctioning charging port.

Charging dock problems on your iPhone? Need it repaired?

Maybe your iPhone's charging port only responds to your friend's cable, not yours. Perhaps it can only charge if suspended two feet from the air at an awkward angle. Whatever the issue, Reboost can fix it quickly, affordably, and professionally.

Why iPhone charging dock repair with Reboost

The iPhone is an elegant piece of technology that needs qualified technicians. That's why they are Apple experts at Reboost, with ample experience handling different Apple products. We use professional equipment with extra care to ensure your phone returns in the same condition it arrived.
There are no hidden costs, and the charging repair has a six-month warranty.

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