iPad Liquid Damage Cleaning

If you spill coffee or splash water on your iPad, don’t press the power button or connect it to the power supply. Liquid accidents on your iPad should be treated as emergency cases requiring the attention of specialists. Bring your iPad to Reboost for deep cleaning and diagnostics for water damage.

Why do I need my iPad assessed for liquid damage?

Liquids cause corrosion, rust, and short circuits. You must seek expert help to save your iPad from permanent damage. Any attempt to switch on the iPad could destroy components on the motherboard. Diagnosing the iPad for water damage saves you money from buying a new one. How does Reboost approach your iPad water issue?

How we fix liquid damage on your iPad

Our first step is to disconnect the battery. Cutting the power supply to the motherboard prevents further damage. We then clean and dry the device before inspecting it for physical damage. After cleaning, we test whether the iPad powers up as required. If it does not power on, we conduct further technical diagnostics to identify parts that may require repairs.

Does the cost include the replacement of parts?

No. The cost is specifically for cleaning, drying, and diagnostic testing. You will be advised of additional charges if your iPad requires new parts and repairs.

Do you test the iPad after you fix it?

Yes. The service is designed to clean the device and test it for damage. Testing confirms that the device did not suffer damage to the electrical circuitry. If, after cleaning your device, it powers up and every function works as required, the service is successful.

If I don’t repair my iPad for liquid damage, will its performance be affected?

You can’t continue using your iPad without repairs if it suffers liquid damage. If the device does not go off immediately, corrosion will cause slow performance. Irreversible failure is guaranteed if you don’t repair it. You could lose all data on the iPad. About twenty percent of devices that suffer liquid damage can’t be recovered if the repairs are delayed.

Need liquid damage cleaning and diagnosis for your iPad?

Come to Reboost for technical cleaning, drying, and liquid damage diagnosis. Your iPad will be diagnosed within two days. 

Why choose iPad liquid damage cleaning and diagnostics with Reboost?

At Reboost, we are specialists in the restoration of Apple products. For liquid-damaged iPads, Reboost has a high success rate of 80% in correct diagnosis and repair. Devices restored from liquid damage come with a 3-month warranty.

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