Laptop Liquid Damage Cleaning

You have probably done everything possible to protect your laptop from water or other liquids. But a recent spill threatens your peace of mind as you are worried your device won’t turn on or work again – ever. It’s not the end of the world. Reboost has got your back. We will assess your laptop and clean it so you can start using it again problem-free.

Why do I need liquid damage cleaning for my laptop?

Perhaps you have accidentally spilled liquids like coffee, water, or soda on your laptop. Now, the keys are unresponsive, and the display shows abnormal lines. At times, the device produces strange noises or emits unusual odors. Random shutdowns have also become your new reality. What are your options when your device has such issues?

How we fix a malfunctioning laptop

Contact us for systematic assessment and cleaning. Trying to power on the gadget without subjecting it to proper cleaning could make the damage worse. We start by checking the outer and inner components to spot areas exposed to liquid. The next step is to clean the affected areas utilizing specialized solutions to remove liquid residue or contaminants. Everything is thoroughly dried after the cleaning and the replacement of damaged components is done accordingly.

Does the cost include component replacement?

Yes. Component replacements are chargeable.

Do you test the laptop after you fix it?

Yes. We turn on the laptop and check whether it successfully boots into the OS. The display is tested to ensure abnormalities like dead pixels, flickering, and lines are no more. Keyboard keys are pressed individually to ensure they work properly. The functionality of other features, like the speaker, wireless connectivity, camera, and battery, is confirmed.

If I don't clean my laptop, will it affect my device performance?

Absolutely. The liquid can corrode the inner components causing electrical issues, making your device inoperable. When storage components like hard disk drives are affected, you can lose important files and documents. Overlooking liquid damage may cause your device’s system to become unstable, leading to regular freezes, crashes, and unpredictable behavior. And if you ignore the issue for long, your laptop may be rendered irreparable.

Need a cleaning service for your laptop?

Reboost repair services are better than the rest! We care about your gadget and will do everything possible to fix it to your liking.

Why should you clean your laptop with Reboost?

Reboost offers high-quality services that will leave you yearning for more. Our technicians leave nothing to chance as they do a thorough cleaning job that will leave your laptop as good as new. A 6-month warranty is provided to ensure optimal satisfaction.

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