Windows System Installation / Repair

If your PC indicates signs of Windows failure, it’s time to diagnose the OS. If you face a blue screen issue or frequent crashing of programs, Windows repair is necessary. Reboost improves your PC’s speed and performance, enhancing user experience. Windows restoration takes about 3 hours. A longer time frame, up to one day, might be necessary if data backup is needed.

Why do I need Windows system repair?

The performance of your Windows PC is slowing down.  Sometimes it shuts down incorrectly leading to data losses. You get annoyed when some apps crash, interrupting work commitments. Maybe you are running an old OS version that does not support some new applications. A Windows system repair solves all such problems.

How we fix the Windows system

Reboost creates a data backup, if requested. The computer gets formatted and a new Windows OS installed. When the installation is complete, Reboost technicians load all the updates and security patches. Lastly, Reboost focuses on drivers’ updates. The latter ensures all peripherals and hardware function correction. Your new Windows PC is in pristine condition.

Does the cost include the new Windows OS?

Yes. The cost of the Windows system is included in our price.

Do you test the Windows system after fixing it?

Yes. We check your PC to ascertain correct loading of the system. Reboost technicians check for updates. More critically, quality assurance ensures that all latest security patches are installed. The system is then tested for drivers’ updates. A quality assurance officer must confirm the installation against standard procedures. You also get to experience your new PC when you collect it.

If I don’t repair the Windows system, will it affect the performance of my computer?

Absolutely. Poor performance of programs on the PC will persist. It could be impossible to load new apps. The system is likely to shut down frequently, without warning, leading to data loss and disrupted work. Reboost’s Windows repair treats the performance issues.

Need Windows system installation or repair?

Computer technicians at Reboost are ready to assist. Reboost will repair your OS to revamp the PC’s performance. If backup is not needed, OS repair takes 3 hours.

Why Windows systems repair with Reboost?

Reboost works with experts who possess excellent skills and experience in computing technologies. We fix the latest Windows OS. Reboost’s repairs come with a 6-month warranty. Our technicians are ready to answer any of your Windows OS questions.

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