iPad Diagnostics

If your iPad is faulty but you are uncertain what the cause could be, iPad diagnostics will help you. Reboost technicians will inspect your iPad for any physical or electrical damage. Once the fault gets detected, Reboost offers repairs to restore the device to full functionality.

What are the most common iPad repairs?

Reboost experts can handle any technical issue on your iPad. Some of the most common iPad repairs that get resolved at Reboost include:

  • iPad screen repair
  • iPad charging port repair
  • iPad battery repair
  • iPad keyboard repair
  • iPad liquid damage + diagnostics

Why do I need iPad diagnostics?

You need the iPad diagnostics service to detect and resolve any fault that causes your device to malfunction. It must be very irritating to work on a faulty iPad without knowing the cause of the problems. If you fear that you could lose your data or the iPad, Reboost can help restore the device.

How do we conduct iPad diagnostics?

A diagnostic service is designed to detect errors and faulty connections on your iPad. We do that by looking for any physical cracks or damages to the iPad. We then open the device to check whether the battery, screen, and power buttons are connected correctly. We move to the component board assessment to locate faults using circuit testing.

Does the cost include parts replacement?

No. The diagnostics charge does not include parts and repairs. You will be advised of the total price once the defects are located.

Do you test the iPad after you fix it?

Yes. If the iPad gets any parts repaired, Reboost has to confirm the defects are resolved. A comprehensive quality assurance test is conducted by focusing on core functionalities. Tests mainly focus on the battery, charging, powering up, and the touch screen functionality.

If I don’t diagnose faults on my iPad, will its performance be affected?

Yes. If defects on your iPad go unrepaired, you risk further damage to the device. The damage could lead to loss of data. Sometimes, the faults develop into an irreversible state. Failure to diagnose and repair iPad faults impacts your performance.

Need the iPad diagnostics service?

Reboost technicians are ready to diagnose and restore your iPad now. Depending on the nature of the repairs, the turnaround is up to two days.

Why choose iPad diagnostics with Reboost?

Our technicians are highly experienced in handling technical defects on your iPad. We have a high success rate in the restoration of damaged iPads. Our parts come with a 6-month warranty, and our prices are affordable.

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