iPhone Diagnosis

Are you experiencing a challenge with your iPhone or tried to diagnose a problem but couldn't succeed? Order a professional diagnostics service from Reboost. We will diagnose your device, and should you choose to proceed with a repair, we will do it at a low cost.

What are the most common iPhone diagnoses?

At Reboost, you get your iPhone diagnosed and repaired for the following problems:

  • A faulty or malfunctioning component board
  • Broken/damaged/cracked screen
  • Problems with the charging port
  • A broken/cracked back glass
  • A faulty microphone and speaker
  • Battery problems
  • iPhone water liquid damages
  • Camera issues

Why do I need my iPhone diagnosed?

You may need an iPhone diagnosis if it is not functioning as usual or is simply not turning on. If you tried a self-diagnosis and it did not work, you may consider the diagnostic services of a qualified iPhone professional. Reboost's diagnostic services get to the root of your device’s problem, pinpointing potential issues with its software or hardware.

How we diagnose your iPhone and fix it

Simply walk in with your iPhone at the Reboost store for a detailed examination. If the problem is minor, our technicians will diagnose and repair it, and you will carry your device home. In the case of in-depth testing, you may have to leave your gadget with us for a day or two. You may also order the diagnosis service through our secure online portal and drop-in service.

Does the cost include any parts replacement?

We will give full quotations for the service and any parts replacement if needed.

Do you test the iPhone after you fix it?

Yes. Our technicians thoroughly check your iPhone after diagnosis and repair to ensure all parts work correctly. The testing goes beyond the specific parts repaired, and includes the camera workings, screen, charging systems, processors, and many more. Be sure your iPhone will work perfectly okay when you order a diagnosis service with Reboost.

If I don't diagnose my iPhone, will it affect its performance?

You most probably considered a diagnosis service because your iPhone is not performing as expected. If you don't diagnose and rectify the problem, you could bump into more problems. Your processor may not work as expected, the memory may malfunction, or the charging system may fail. Diagnosis is your sure way to know what's ailing your iPhone and get the device to its best.

Do you need a diagnosis service for your iPhone?

Worry no more! Reboost offers a comprehensive diagnosis that covers every detail of your iPhone. Contact us today for a first-class diagnosis and have your device's problems solved.

Why should you consider a diagnosis service with Reboost?

We are experienced Apple product technicians. When you order an iPhone diagnosis with us, you are assured of the best with a quality guarantee. We also give you a 6-month warranty, which you can use to claim additional repairs for free if your gadget fails to work as expected.

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