iPhone Back Glass Repair Replacement

You may be a selfie king or queen with your iPhone in an elevator mirror. But your pictures don't look as good with a broken back glass. So, you'll want it to have that pristine, smooth finish. Let Reboost repair your iPhone's back glass before it exposes your device's internals or cuts you.

Why do I need my iPhone's back glass repaired?

The back glass is just as fragile as the front screen. Even a small crack or chip can cause additional damage to the back with moisture and other particles. Secondly, the glass can cut your hands and fingers, not making for the most pleasant physical experience.

How we fix it: iPhone back glass repair process 

It starts with pre-heating the back glass using a special laser machine to remove it safely and easily. Secondly, Reboost cleans all residue on the back. The same machine will measure the exact dimensions of your phone's back for the new glass. Of course, the final step is firmly clamping the glass on your device's back. The repair time is a maximum of 24 hours.

Does the cost include the back glass replacement?

Absolutely. The cost is for the part and labour.

Do you test the iPhone after you fix it?

Yes, we test the usual functions like the camera, calling function, charging, and the microphone after your phone's back is re-assembled. With a new back glass, your device should work perfectly.

Will it affect my iPhone's performance if I don't repair the back glass?

In the short term, the technical performance of your iPhone will be normal. But broken back glass makes it easy for moisture, debris, and, worse, water to seep in. This can happen as more chunks of the glass fall off, which exposes crucial internal components and leads to serious performance issues.

Back glass damage on your iPhone? Need a back glass repair?

It's tempting to Google fixing your iPhone's back glass. But any botched attempt will certainly cost you more than necessary. Reboost saves you time, money, and effort to get your back looking new.

Why iPhone back glass repair with Reboost?

We boast expert Apple technicians for whom fixing broken back glass is a piece of cake. There is a fast turnaround, so you can return to taking those elevator mirror selfies. It's also an affordable process compared to what Apple charges, with a six-month warranty.

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