Laptop Motherboard Repair

Lately, your laptop has been overheating even with minimal usage, the battery is not charging, blue screen errors are evident, or it refuses to turn on completely. All these could indicate a problem with the motherboard. The good news is that Reboost can easily fix these issues. All you have to do is entrust us with your device, and we’ll transform it for you.

Why do I need my laptop motherboard repaired?

Your laptop motherboard can malfunction due to power supply fluctuations and spikes. The impact of dropping your device may damage this component, too. As a consequence, your laptop refuses to boot or experiences random shutdowns. In other cases, a burning smell is noticeable, not to mention frequent fan failures. How are these problems rectified?

How we fix a malfunctioning laptop

Bring your gadget to our local shop, and we’ll assess it. This involves carefully opening your laptop to access the motherboard and inspecting it. We check for visible signs of damage like burnt or spoilt components, corrosion, or solder joints. Some components are replaced but some situations prompt us to use a completely new board.

Does the cost include motherboard replacement?

Yes. We charge you for the new parts and labor.

Do you test the laptop after you fix it?

Yes. This is an important step that your device must undergo. We perform a visual inspection to ensure the new components are in perfect condition and all signs of burns and loose connections are eliminated. Your laptop is turned on to verify whether it boots up successfully. The functionality of the fan and other features, such as the audio system, connectivity, etc., is tested to ensure everything works normally again.

If I don't repair my laptop, will it affect my device performance?

Yes. If you ignore the motherboard issue, the laptop cooling system will be negatively affected and cause overheating problems. RAM, CPU, and storage functionality can get damaged, resulting in system failures and crashes. If that’s not enough, your device may become inoperable over time, preventing you from using it altogether.

Need a repair for your laptop?

There is no better option than Reboost for your repair needs! We value all our customers and are ready to help you restore your device’s functionality at an affordable price.

Why should you repair your laptop with Reboost?

Reboost technicians are professionals who have the needed qualifications to repair laptops effectively. We also strive to complete our repairs in a timely manner for your convenience. There’s more. We ensure your data is protected during the entire repair period.

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