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Samsung phones are cutting-edge devices with unrivaled quality. Fitting them with standard protectors harms and slows down the intended performance. Reboost went out of the ordinary to bring you Samsung screen protectors that maintain the device's performance. That's why if you need quality protectors, you should check our offers at the Lugano, Switzerland shop.

Truth be told! You can only keep your hands and palms clean sometimes. Even if you do,  you will at some point hand it over to a colleague for a quick photo or for them to check the quality features your device offers. Do you know this can leave your device with harmful microbes? Reboost Shop Samsung Screen Protectors are built with a hygienic formula to keep those microbes at bay. 

Besides, you don’t want to spend hours fitting your screen protectors or paying someone to do it for you. With Reboost Samsung Screen Protectors, you wipe dirt from your screen and simply apply it. With thin and lightweight features, the protectors also give peace of mind that you leave little to no air trapped between the protector and your phone's screen. 

It doesn’t matter how many curves and contours your Samsung mobile phone has. The protectors are customized to every device in the Samsung range – it's never one-size-fits-all common in standard protectors.

What are you waiting for? It's never too late to fit your Samsung device with a screen protector. You can visit Reboost Shop online and sample the protectors in different ranges. Whether the Impact Glass or Impact Shield, you are covered. Talk to us today, and let's protect your Galaxy A70, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21 5G, and the elegant Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.